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Our parcel lockers can receive and send packages from any courier or vendor on your terms. Are you expecting an online order? Stay updated in real-time about your order’s date, time, and location.

All tracking information is sent straight to your mobile phone via the Package Butler app. Once your parcel is delivered and placed in the smart locker, it is held securely by an advanced electrical locking system and video camera surveillance.

Package theft is a growing problem in the United States of America. Nearly 36% of online shoppers have experienced package theft. To help curb this issue, many Americans are resorting to multiple home security measures. One of the most popular solutions is installing a camera within a doorbell. 

This is a video-doorbell device that enables homeowners to screen their doorways on a 24/7 basis. The device also makes recordings in order to discourage package thieves. Some homeowners install additional home security features such as door sensors, yard signs, additional cameras, and high decibel alarms. But does this stop package theft from occurring? No!

Only a permanent solution that safeguards your delivered parcel while monitoring its security will be effective. At Package Butler, we’ve got two proven solutions to combat porch theft: home lockers and multi-lockers.

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Upgrade your amenities with the mailroom of the future

Smart communities want smart lockers. Deliver a win for your residents with secure

package pick - up and shipping on their schedule. You provide the unit, they subscribe to the service.

Keep it simple - residents can ship and receive packages from any courier or vendor.

Avoid packages strewn on the flfloor with a large locker that accommodates most common package sizes.

Give residents peace of mind with an electric locking system and video surveillance

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Be the next neighborhood hub

Our multi-lockers are ideal for hotels, businesses, hostels, apartment buildings, etc. With this package mailbox, you don’t have to hire extra staff to sort and deliver the packages. While being delivered, they are placed in the smart locker, coinciding with the PBID stated in the order. The customer, tenant, resident, or employee may retrieve the package at his or her convenience, any time of the day.

In addition, with smart lockers, you don’t require an additional mailroom or space to store delivered packages. Nor do you have to install security cameras or personnel to monitor these packages. With home lockers and multi-lockers, you get a personalized package solution.

Package Butler’s eCommerce shipping and package solutions offer security and monitoring and peace of mind. Get in touch with us to learn more!

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