October 06, 2020

Labor Day is an occasion to express your gratitude and bestow appreciation upon your workers. The times of COVID-19 and the resulting economic losses have made it more incumbent for employers to value their employees. Today, employers require greater co-operation and understanding from their workers than ever before. At the same time, a majority of the working-class is experiencing a decline in their income. A long-term and healthy professional association demands that the bosses take care of their workmen and workwomen. So, it is a good idea to present them with the best kind of gifts as per their hobbies and interests.


Here are the top 10 Labor Day gifts you can buy online:


1. Customized Apparel

Young workers are often amused by apparel that reflects their style. You can get their personality-type quotes or dialogues printed on T-shirts, caps, etc. Some would also like to have an image of the popular visionaries or icons they idolize. Besides, it feels all the better if you choose the apparel of lively colors. The middle-aged or elderly employees would like sober colors in clothes that carry the company’s logo, and design, which applaud their loyalty in a particular way. 


2. Books

Some workers are avid readers but find little time to immerse themselves in their favorite books. It would be great if you know about the genre of their choice and preferred mode of reading. For instance, while some choose fiction, others go for self-help, spiritual, diet, and cooking guides. Today, books can be bought in all sorts of formats, including paperbacks, hardcovers, audiobooks, and ebooks. The gifted book may be accompanied by a personalized ‘thank you note’ bookmark. 


3. Online Courses

A great way to acknowledge a dedicated and ever-enthusiastic employee is to gift him an opportunity to upskill. It would seem a thoughtful gesture to the one who cannot afford the top-class paid courses. This will enhance the employee’s skills and benefit you in terms of his/her productivity for the company.

4. Stationary Tool Kits

For a desk-job employee, stationary tool kits serve as an effective means to organize tasks. These tool kits usually include notepads, diaries, pens, highlighters, calendar schedulers, etc. While a more tech-savvy would want all these features in a paid software application, rest may display a fondness for real pen and paper. Further, try and personalize the things provided in the toolkit, like getting the employee’s name engraved on the kit, pen, and other items. 


5. Gadgets and High-tech Devices

What more can impress a gadget-head than a super-cool tech device? Power banks, wireless charging trays, pen drives, hard drives, smartpens, self-warming coffee mugs, and wifi scanner wand are some of the popular tech devices. A brilliant option for the whole family of a worker would be a smart mailbox or package-locker. Covid-19 lockdowns have made you and your workers buy most of the things online. In such times, the increased parcel thefts call for the installation of digital locks.


6. Hygiene Kits

This is another way to show your concern in times of coronavirus. The hygiene kits usually comprise of sanitizers, masks, disinfectants, soaps, germicidal wet wipes, gloves, etc. These kits can be personalized as per the likings of your worker.


7. Travel Accessories

There are a variety of options in travel sets. Depending upon your worker’s taste, you can present him/her with a backpack, passport holder, box case, storage pouch, travel pillow, and many more. Gifting a travel kit tells your employee that you value their need to take a break and recharge.


8. Keepsake Plate

Keepsake plates will serve as a constant reminder to your worker that he/she is appreciated. These are often hung on walls or kept on desks. It’s best to get the plate custom-made with a special message to honor your employee.


9. Photo Books

Personalized photo books show that you cherish the good times spent with your subordinates and workplace celebrations. The captured snapshots are like symbols of happiness that they derive at work. Undoubtedly, this adds up to their motivation and reasons to perform better.


10. Gift Cards and Vouchers

A number of large organizations extend online gift cards and vouchers to their workers. This works best if you cannot spare time or energy to pick up selective gifts. Also, you may not be aware of their interests and preferences. Gift cards and vouchers let them buy things at their own will and of their choice. If you desire to give unique offerings, go for the retailer-specific gift cards, and add a generalized message or a personalized note.


Laborers and similar working class are an asset and fuel to the organization. If the employer has concern for them, they will also have the same regard for the employer and his/her business ideals.