October 06, 2020

Whether you are a business owner or a consumer, you will have second thoughts about shipping and receiving packages during the COVID-19 pandemic. With lockdowns and physical distancing in place to slow down the virus's spread, it also causes delays in deliveries.

As the information about COVID-19 keeps changing, you want to make sure both you and the receiver are safe from the disease. The question remains, how do you move forward during this pandemic? As a business owner, you can't afford to halt operations, as you may not keep yourself afloat during this time of uncertainty. If you are a consumer, there are products you consider essential. Given below are ten tips on shipping and receiving packages:


For Shipping Packages


1. Opt for online pickup


These days, you don't have to go to the shipping carrier's office to send your package. You can opt for online pickup services, where a professional will come to your location to collect the products.

If you have a smart locker or package locker, keep the goods in it, as you won't have to worry about meeting the individual who comes to pick up the products.


2. Disinfect every product before shipping


It has become a necessity that you clean your products and its packaging with appropriate cleaners. Take all the necessary precautions from your side to ensure the one receiving your package is safe. You can inform the person who gets your package that you took the extra step of disinfecting the products.


3. Pack products properly

Regardless of whether the item is breakable or not, you must make sure you pack it properly. Surrounding the product with appropriate amounts of material is crucial. If there is a hollow item, you have to fill its interior to provide an additional protection layer.


4. Use hygiene-focused shipping carriers

Don't pick any shipping carrier that comes to your mind first. Research about their delivery policies to find out about their hygiene practices. You don't want to deal with a business that puts the delivery professionals and customers at risk with unsafe practices.


5. Utilize tracking services

Make sure you use tracking services while shipping your package. The receiver will find this information useful. The individual will be able to adopt safe package receiving techniques like the ones highlighted below. Also, if the receiver has a smart locker or package locker, the person can time opening up this appliance depending on the delivery professional's location.


For Receiving Packages


1. Always open packages outside

Whenever you receive a package in your package locker or smart locker, don't bring it inside your house. In some cases, you have to provide your signature to receive your products from the delivery professional.

Make sure you always remove the packaging and discard this material immediately. You can keep a dustbin outside your house, only for this task.


2. Clean packing material

When you open your box after taking it out of the lockers for packages, the business will always include additional layers to safeguard the product from damage. Leave nothing to chance by wiping the packaging material with disinfectant. If there were any virus droplets on the surface, you could kill them with this practice.


3. Create Delivery Zone

If you know you are going to receive a package during the next few days, you should set up a delivery zone. For example, you can set up a package locker or smart locker outside your house.

When you receive the delivery professional's contact information, make sure you call this person and inform the individual about the designated zone. If you are using a smart locker or package lockbox, you have to give the delivery professional details on how to open it. By following this practice, you reduce the chances of transmission significantly.


4. Stick to Paying Online

The majority of online businesses offer Cash-on-Delivery or COD because it is a convenient way to pay. However, it would help if you avoided this practice, as it puts you at risk. You have to meet the delivery professional and have a face-to-face interaction. If you don't have the exact amount, you have to wait till you get your change.

It is possible for the delivery professional to be asymptomatic, which means this individual is unknowingly allowing the virus to spread. Keep in mind that this person can meet anyone during the delivery run, increasing the infection risk considerably.


5. Sanitize hands after opening

After removing the package from the smart locker, you have to sanitize your hands immediately. If you are using soap and water, wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds. Don't take any chances, as the disinfectant you used to clean the packaging material may not remove all the virus traces.

Make sure you use these ten tips on shipping and receiving packages to keep yourself and the person getting products, safe and secure from the hands of COVID-19!