June 16, 2020

Are you frustrated with your packages getting stolen from your porch or front door? Do you frequently have to go through lengthy recovery procedures just to get your missing packages? Rest assured, you’re not alone!

According to a 2017 USA Today news report, up to one-third of Americans experienced package theft. This trend appears to run rampant during holiday seasons such as Christmas, Cyber Monday, and Black Friday. What’s even more shocking is that the majority of package thefts occur during the day when most people are at work. San Francisco, Minneapolis, and Seattle are three of the top-ranking cities when it comes to package theft.

How can you put the brakes on package theft? From installing security cameras, to parcel lockers, to getting your parcels delivered at work; there are simple solutions that can prevent you from becoming a part of the next package theft statistic:

1. Opt For An Office/Workplace Delivery

This is perhaps the simplest solution of all. If you’re not at home during the day time, get your parcels delivered to your office address. This gives the porch thieves zero chances to loot your packages. When you’re choosing a delivery address, be sure to enter your office address instead of your home address.

In case an office or workplace delivery is not possible, speak to your friend or neighbor and ask them if they would be able to receive the package on your behalf.

2. Buy aParcel Lockers

With a parcel locker, you have your own, convenient package pick-up and drop-off solution. This is a flexible and secure way to receive and send your packages. You don’t have to schedule a ‘special’ delivery or pick up your parcel from another location.

Every package is delivered to your home and placed in a parcel locker. What are they? Parcel lockers are like a mailbox that is placed in your front yard. These are sturdy structures with a special ID code.

They typically work in conjunction with an app that you would download on your phone. Each time a parcel is delivered and placed inside the parcel locker, you will receive an alert message on your phone indicating your parcel was delivered.

So when you return home, you simply have to scan the barcode with your phone app or manually enter your unique package passcode to open the parcel locker and retrieve the package. Parcel lockers are robust structures that are difficult to break or steal. They will naturally deter all parcel thieves.

3. Install a Security Camera

One of the best theft prevention techniques is installing a security camera. Position the camera so that it’s facing your front door, driveway, or front of the house, where the parcel is likely to be placed during delivery.

Opt for a high-resolution, HD camera. In case a theft or attempted theft occurs, the camera will be able to record clear footage of the perpetrator. You can easily notify the authorities with your video proof in hand.

Imagine returning home to find out that your package was stolen from your front door! This doesn’t have to be the case. There are many ways to stop package thieves such as installing a camera, putting parcel lockers on your lawn, and choosing a different delivery location.

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