June 16, 2020

Online shopping is something so integral to our being now, especially because a lot of people don’t have time to go to retail stores and do it themselves. Initially, ordering online would be saved only for those things we could never find in stores or things that we could only buy via catalog, however, over the years, our reliance on online shopping has become so intense that we buy everything, from clothes to electronics, to even our groceries online.

Why not though? It’s so much more effective and efficient. It gives us more time during the day to do things which we would otherwise never do, simply because we never had the time. However, with new technologies come new problems. People purchasing items online belong to a range of different socioeconomic statuses, and a majority of them are people belonging to middle-class families.

In many neighborhoods, there are people stealing packages. It’s not to say that the people stealing them are burglars. For the most part, many children also tend to do it as pranks and it ends up becoming a menace across several neighborhoods. So what can one do?

It’s not enough that we have surveillance across streets or that we have neighborhood monitors. There are simple things that people can do to protect their packages, and that is to install a package locker in front of their house, or can even install it for their apartment buildings and complexes.

Package Butler provides several types of lockers, be it the home locker (found at this site: https://www.packagebutler.com/products/home-locker) or a multi-locker, which is specifically for buildings and apartment complexes (found at this site: https://www.packagebutler.com/products/multi-locker). Before exploring the changes that you will see overall in installing a home locker, it is important to know how this locker works.

For your house, when you have your personal HomeLocker situated right within your yard, on your verandah, or your front porch, you will be able to:

  • Receive your orders and shipments from any online shopping vendor, with an ID code that is special to your Package Butler.
  • You will know exactly when packages have been delivered as you will receive on-time alerts for everything you need.
  • Moreover, with a locking system that is electronic as well as round-the-clock surveillance, you will be able to stop thieves through the neighborhood. 

You also have to know how it works though but luckily it is extremely simple. It works utilizing the Package Butler App on your mobile. You simply install the app and set up an account, post which, in combination with your accessory, once the HomeLocker is installed, you can locate your unique ID can get it to be shipped.

It allows you to track your package since it is connected to your online vendors, and that allows you to know exactly when it will arrive. Once the vendor dispatches it into your locker, you, and only you will be able to retrieve it by entering the one time password which is assigned to each package. It couldn’t be more simple!

Package Butler provides a lot of excitement for those who are tech-savvy, however, that is not to say that their products are not user friendly, they are extremely user friendly, and more than anything, they revolutionize this industry, for what you see is something more than you ever knew that you needed.

It keeps you from worrying about your packages, especially for small businesses which, if not for such a device would constantly be worried about when their orders would be arriving. As for families, several families have everyone working through the day and as a result, many people are unable to be there to receive their packages and end up worrying about whether it would be stolen, or in many cases, whether it would just be left out to battle the snow and the rain.

Package Butler helps you deal with these problems as now you no longer have to think about them, all you have to do is just leave it to your trusty HomeLocker. 

For a lot of millennials, this seems like an answer to several problems as we are used to utilizing technology for everything and this one blimp in the road seems to be solved with this one simple piece of equipment. The HomeLocker allows you to deal with these issues without even being there itself, and in fact, there is also the MultiLocker, for we know that a lot of people live in apartments now.

When the MultiLocker is installed, it allows you to manage it per person in your entire apartment unit. Imagine! It gives you the freedom and ability to do so much with just a quick use of your phone. It’s extremely handy and in fact, comes at reasonable prices as well. This is an application that everyone must definitely consider.