October 06, 2020

As online purchase continues to grow amid the Covid-19 pandemic, there are increased package theft instances reported. Homeowners and e-tailers are raising concerns, and of late, several people in the country have installed high-security cameras to monitor their porches and gardens. However, such a measure cannot prevent package thievery. An automated and secured package locker system can be a better option since it allows safe delivery and retrieval of packages.


High Performing Smart Lockers from Package Butler

If you are seriously looking for a remarkable package locker system, Package Butler should be your first choice. At Package Butler, we have specially designed lockers for packages, both big and small, that allow you to send and securely receive your packages. Our package mailboxes have revolutionized online shopping; the smart package lockboxes come with a secure locking system coupled with video surveillance, making them utmost reliable. Homeowners can trust us and choose a product from our wide range available. Just get in touch with us; we will help you select the right one for your home or apartment complex.


Convenience During the Pandemic

Heading out for purchase during the on-going Covid-19 pandemic is risky. People, therefore, are opting for online shopping, which is giving room for thieves to do their job. This is where parcel lockers come into play. A well-built package locker system can send and receive packages to and from any vendor, providing you maximum convenience besides enabling you to live with peace of mind. 


Since package theft in America has alarmingly increased, it would be wise if you get a package mailbox right away. Smart lockers from Package Butler are brilliantly designed and provide real-time order tracking information, right on your mobile phone, via the amazing Package Butler app.


Flexible, Durable, Smart, and Secure

Package lockers are generally heat, snow, and rain resistant. This especially holds true for Package Butler’s smart lockers. Yes, at the renowned Package Butler, we build robust steel home lockers that can withstand the harsh sun, rain, and snow, what’s more! Our package mailboxes are designed to be flexible, making it easy for you to receive packages of any size and from any vendor! These package lockboxes also come with infrared scanner and camera, enhancing the security feature to a great extent. Your delivery person needs to scan the bar code and drop your Package into the locker. Simple, isn’t it?


At Package Butler, we are trying to provide our customers with the best package security during the Covid-19 pandemic. Contact us instantly if you want to know more about our products.


Meet Residential and Commercial Requirements

Package theft is also raising concerns among those in the apartment complexes and business establishments. Thieves are trying to grab every opportunity! If you are part of a gated community, own or run a business establishment or an apartment complex, it is high time to think of getting a package locker installed. 

Package Butler offers a range of multi-lockers that your residents can use to receive packages. Just provide the system and ask your residents to subscribe to our service. While the residents and businesses stay/operate safely indoors, we take care of your packages.


One-of-a-kind Secure Solution

Another wonderful feature of the smart home locker is that it is possible to receive packages without you being required to be physically present. So, you can place your order online and carry on with your routine, even during the time of package delivery. Since these lockers operate electronically, the delivery guy drops in your Package into the box, after which you receive a message on your phone. You can later retrieve your parcel anytime. At Package Butler, we have redefined convenience. Our package lockers are not only sturdy and convenient but one-of-a-kind as well when it comes to security!


Why Choose Package Butler for Your Package Mailbox?

Well, you can find ‘n’ number of players in the package mailbox market, but please note that only a handful of them are reliable. Yes, you can trust only a few of them, among which Package Butler truly stands out for several reasons:


· We are affordable and offer full value to your hard-earned money. At Package Butler, we practice business ethics and charge genuinely.


· We offer a wide range of lockers to meet the needs of varied customers.


· Our team members are friendly and supportive, always ready to provide assistance.


· We offer customization and do the installation on your yard/porch. To sum it up, we are a one-stop solution to all your package security needs.

The COVID-19 pandemic is playing havoc, making the lives of millions of people miserable, but at Package Butler, we have been thinking positively and working hard to better lives. You don’t tolerate theft, so do we. Let’s join hands and protect ourselves and our online packages. Let’s stop this package theft epidemic! With Package Butler, it is easy and hassle-free.