October 06, 2020

The Coronavirus continues to tighten its grip around the world. As a result, people practice social distancing and self-isolation to help them stay safe and minimize contact with other people. However, this poses a problem for buying groceries, essential items, and even sending and receiving packages. To keep up with providing necessities, pharmacies, food service providers, grocery businesses, e-commerce retailers, etc. provide home delivery services so that people do not have to leave their homes to receive essential items. Package Butler's package locker enables you to place an order for any item you might need from your home's comfort and receive it through contactless delivery. Also called a smart locker, it promotes contactless deliveries from virtually any service provider such as drug stores, food delivery companies, couriers, etc. More importantly, parcel lockers are a useful tool in breaking the chain of the Coronavirus. It enables many companies to operate smoothly using precautionary measures and provide touch-free deliveries safely, effectively, and hygienically.

Here are just a few ways how a package lockbox can save your life amid the current COVID-19 pandemic:


1) Prevents thieves from taking your parcels

When a package is delivered to your door, it is typically placed on your doorstep, porch, or mailbox. Most of the time, you won't know the package was delivered unless the delivery person rings your doorbell or you receive a message from the e-commerce retailer or courier service. But what if you don't hear your phone's message notification or doorbell? Package theft is a growing concern during these uncertain times. A thief won't hesitate to invade your private property and seize your parcel. This is where smart lockers can genuinely help. Once the delivery executive places your parcel into the locker, it is permanently enclosed in a secure and durable container. It can only be accessed through a secret code/password, which is an effective deterrent for thieves.


2) Restricts Movement of Delivery Providers

Smart lockers may be installed anywhere on your property where there are a power and Internet source. During the current global crisis, you can order anything you want or require and have it safely delivered directly into your parcel locker. This minimizes the movement of delivery executives on your property. It also prevents you from coming into close contact with the delivery person. You have to remember to wear a mask and gloves when retrieving the package from your locker. Don't forget to sanitize the package and wash your hands afterward, too.


3) Minimizes Person-to-Person Contact

What makes a package delivery locker so invaluable at this stressful time is that it encourages people to adjust to social distancing practices. For instance, since most retailers are providing home delivery services, people don't need to leave their homes to obtain essentials or non-essential goods. This greatly reduces the chances of coming into contact with an infected individual. Secondly, since the delivery is placed inside a parcel locker, you won't have direct contact with the delivery executive. Even if you opt for a cash-on-delivery order, the necessary payment can be made via the locker's terminal. This eliminates the need for handling cash, which can be a potential source for the Coronavirus.


4) Helps People in Self-Quarantine obtain Essentials

Whether you're placed in home quarantine due to the Coronavirus or some other infection or medical condition, a smart locker helps you obtain essential items without the need to step outside of your home. People with weakened immune systems or underlying medical conditions, small children, and the elderly are at higher risk of contracting the Coronavirus. By receiving their essential goods at home through a package locker, these vulnerable groups are not put at risk for contracting the virus.

5) Prioritizes the Health and Safety of Delivery Executives and Customers

The Coronavirus has placed many businesses in economic hardship. Safety practices like social distancing and self-quarantine have greatly reduced the number of people shopping in-person or placing orders for both essential and non-essential items. Luckily, package lockers can help consumers receive their requirements, hygienically and conveniently, right at their doorstep. This also helps businesses thrive in an economic crisis while safeguarding the health of their delivery personnel. The simple act of receiving a parcel delivery at home assists governments in encouraging people to stay indoors.

The Coronavirus has placed many economic, social, and wellness hurdles in front of the world. It has greatly affected how basic necessities are sold, purchased, and delivered. However, with a package locker, you can continue to obtain what you need, including essential and non-essential items, without stepping outside of your home. These devices not only protect you from the COVID-19 virus, but it keeps delivery personnel safe as well. It's also an effective tool at keeping package thieves at bay.

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