October 06, 2020

Columbus Day is a holiday in the United States of America. The event celebrates the discovery of the country by Christopher Columbus way back in 1492. This year, the event falls on October 12, which is a Monday. For many people in the United States, the holiday serves as a way to honor the achievements of Columbus, one of the greatest explorers in the world, as well as, to celebrate the Italian American heritage.


People in South America celebrate the yearly anniversary of their nation’s discovery with different kinds of activities including church services. In some cities and towns, large events and parades are also held to commemorate the day.


Columbus Day celebration is incomplete without exchanging gifts with loved ones. However, online shopping is more advisable now with people in quarantine and strict lockdown rules being implemented all over the world amid the outbreak of the COVID-9 pandemic.


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We will now see parcel lockers and how they are relevant to sending gifts to your loved ones to commemorate Columbus Day.


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Check out the top 10 Columbus Day gifts to order online.


1. Columbus Day T-shirts

These themed t-shirts are in great demand and are a perfect gift for your loved ones. They can be easily ordered online and usually wear well. The tees come with special inspirational messages to remind the Americans of the day when Columbus discovered the country. So, flaunt your support for the occasion by ordering them online.


2. Columbus Day Sticker

Kids will love these innovative stickers, which are available in various pictures, texts, and patterns. Children will love them as they come handy for their DIY projects, fun activities, scrapbooking, and special mailings.

3. Columbus Day Photo Postcard


Many e-commerce sites sell these epical photo postcards, which are considered to be an excellent gift item to celebrate Columbus Day. They sell postcards with the stunning Columbus skyline, prominent landmarks, statue of Christopher Columbus, and so on. 


4. Columbus day pinback button


The Columbus Day celebration is perhaps incomplete without an appropriate pinback button to show the world how proud a person is for Columbus’ achievements. 


5. Columbus day hat


These are perfect gifts to send to your loved ones irrespective of their age-groups or genders. The hats can be ordered from any reputable site, and they come with special relevant messages or pictures of the great explorer to mark the occasion.


6. Columbus Day tie

It can be a perfect Columbus Day gift for your spouse, father, or boyfriend. The ties come in innovative and stylish designs and can be worn for a night out, as well as in their offices. 


7. Columbus Day Fridge Magnet

People love to decorate their fridge with a variety of magnets. Your friend’s refrigerator could be feeling lonely. So, how about ordering a Columbus Day refrigerator magnet for your friend to make him or her happy?


8. Columbus tribute mug

You can add a dash of color and variety to your dear one’s morning coffee by gifting him/her this special mug and celebrate the Columbus Day in style. Give this fun gift to your pal, as they can be easily ordered online. 


9. Columbus Day keychain

While your friends or loved ones may already have key chains, these customized key chains will thrill them. They come in special designs to remind people of the significance of the occasion. 


10. Columbus Day vanity mirror

You will hardly come across any woman who does not love her vanity case and looks into a mirror to check her makeup from time to time. The Columbus Day vanity mirror is an excellent gift for that special woman in your life. 


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