June 19, 2020

Are you living in a neighborhood where package theft happens time and again?

Frustrated with losing your Amazon packages?

Online shopping is at an all-time high, given the internet boom and an increase in the number of tech-savvy people. Further, the COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged people to buy online due to continuous shutdowns and the risk associated with venturing out. However, parallelly, package theft has also increased; of late, there are several package stealing cases that have raised concerns among online sellers and buyers.

So, what is the solution? Is it not possible to secure packages from such thieves? You can!!

Intelligently built hi-tech parcel lockers can be the perfect solution to prevent your packages from getting stolen.

What is a parcel locker?

A parcel locker or better known as a smart mailbox locker is a convenient and reliable way for homeowners to receive their deliveries. If you often shop online but worried about your packages getting stolen, a package lockbox is what you should look for. There are several home lockers on the market but if you are looking for a high-quality and affordable one, Package Butler’s Package locker can be a great choice.

How does a package locker work?

As mentioned earlier, online shopping has drastically increased. This trend is here to stay and expected to even rise in the upcoming years. A home locker is a simple yet effective solution to package theft and has literally come as a boon to online shoppers.

If you are inclined towards Amazon products but concerned about safeguarding your parcels until you return home, well, a package mailbox is just for you. The product is connected to a mobile app where you get an onetime passcode, using which you can easily retrieve your package. Just enter your ID when you place your order and wait to receive the same in style!

The parcel locker from Package Butler comes with an electronic locking system. Its security feature is further enhanced by the video surveillance built into it.

Where can a package locker be installed?

Parcel lockers are designed to provide convenience for homeowners and communities. While a home locker can be installed on your porch or in your yard, a multi-locker can be installed outdoors or indoors. They are easy on installation while they can be identified by couriers instantly. Single homeowners, communities, and businesses no longer need to worry about package theft. Smart lockers are here to make sending and receiving packages secure and hassle-free.

Is Customization possible with a parcel locker?

Yes! This is the era of customization and businesses are going all out attracting customers with bespoke products. A package locker is no different. Reputed parcel locker companies can customize package lockers according to your requirements. Can you believe that a package mailbox can be customized with refrigeration and laundry compartments? You read it right!

At Package Butler, we ensure to make it extremely convenient for you by picking up/delivering packages at any hour. Moreover, we customize our lockers according to your needs and make sure to meet your expectations. We are smart and so are our products.

Smart solution for smart homes

When you’ve got a parcel mailbox installed in your yard, you have no reason to get worried. Your package stays secured inside the parcel locker and it can be retrieved only when you enter the passcode you get on your phone. Especially useful for neighborhoods where package theft is commonly seen, a package locker can also be bought if you are always on the go and have no one at home to receive your order.

Do not get carried away by the pricing and marketing tactics of parcel locker companies that are found all over the place. Carefully check the security features, convenience, and flexibility as well when buying one.

Real-Time Tracking

A package locker enables you to track your shipments in real-time. You get arrival alerts on your phone when your package is delivered while you can collect it anytime, by scanning the barcode or entering the passcode into the system. It is as simple as that!

Choose Package Butler for securing your packages

Package Butler, are a premier package mailbox company located in New York. We design products in standard and customized sizes, to cater to the varied needs of our customers. Our parcel lockers can hold a majority of daily packages from almost all the couriers. At Package Butler, we give top priority to customer satisfaction. Hence, we even offer maintenance services.

If you are frustrated by package theft in your neighborhood or have experienced it yourself, it is time to get a package locker. Why worry about your parcels when there is an easy and smart solution from Package Butler?

Reach out to us right away if you want to know more.