October 06, 2020

With COVID-19 forcing everyone to stay indoors, people are moving towards online shopping. While this is an excellent way to keep yourself safe from the virus, it comes with another problem, package theft. A common practice, package thieves, pick homeowners; they are easy targets. With an increase in delivery due to COVID-19, you know thieves will be keeping an eye to make the most of these opportunities. If you were a victim of package theft, what should you do to ensure you take appropriate action?


Contact your neighbors

If you know, the online business delivered your package, get in touch with your neighbors. Ask them about your items, and if they saw anyone watching the delivery vehicle as it approached your house. Sometimes, neighbors may keep your package with them to keep it safe from thieves and bad weather.


Inform the police

When you know for sure that someone stole your package, mostly when it was on your property, you should contact the police. Although they may not be able to take action without witnesses or significant proof, they will record the package theft.

Simultaneously, if the police department continues to receive reports about package thefts in a specific area, they will start an investigation to find the package thieves. Informing the legal authorities is essential when you want to claim insurance for the lost package.


Get in touch with the retailer

Even though you feel down due to stolen packages from your property, don’t lose hope. Get in touch with the retailer responsible for sending the items to your location. Every seller has a set of policies they follow when it comes to dealing with package theft. In most cases, the retailer will have a policy that will give you a replacement product or a refund.

If you are dealing with e-commerce giants, contact the seller first. Wait for a minimum of two business days to receive a response regarding package theft. If the retailer doesn’t respond or is uncooperative, you should reach out to the e-commerce giant. They will be quick to help you out, as they don’t want to lose a valuable customer. If it is a stolen package Amazon, don’t worry, the company has policies in place to ensure you receive appropriate compensation.


File claim with your shipping agent

It is common for retailers to ask you to contact the shipping agent. It can be a standard procedure where you have to file a complaint with these companies. You may have to wait for a few business days, to know for sure whether you are a victim of package theft.

If the retailer asks you to take this step, you need to file a claim with the shipping agent. You can do it online or contact the company’s customer service to see what can be done.


Utilize your credit card’s purchase protection feature

If you use a credit card to make the purchase, they have protection features in place. These policies will reimburse you for package theft. However, to be applicable for this refund, you should have purchased the product with your credit card and notified the authorities within a specific period. To learn more about purchase protection, visit your credit card issuer’s website.

In certain situations, you may have to file a police report for the claim to be valid. Also, they may deny compensation depending on the value of your package.


How can you prevent package theft?

As the claim process can be a massive headache, the best thing you can do in the future is to take active measures to reduce the risk of package theft. Given below are some options you can implement to ensure you don’t deal with this problem again:


Use package lockbox service

Companies provide you with package lockers, which the delivery professionals can use to store your products safely. If you have the budget, go for smart lockers, as it is harder for thieves to break into them. Also, you will receive a notification if an unauthorized individual tries to open your package delivery locker.


While some retailers might deliver your products to a local pickup point, avoid this practice at all costs due to the ongoing pandemic. A better option would be to get a package locker for home, as it is convenient and easy to use. 


Invest in security cameras

There are plenty of home security cameras you can buy online to prevent package thieves from getting their hands on your products. You can get them at different prices, depending on your budget. If you are purchasing one, make sure it comes with a phone app and the ability to connect to your Wi-Fi.

Along with the smart locker or package locker, you can make sure only you have access to your items. Also, when package thieves see a camera on your property, they think twice about stealing your products. Even if they manage to steal it, you now have video evidence, which the police can use to take action.