Installation and Use

How do I install my Package Butler locker?

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How do I instruct carriers to deliver my package to a Package Butler locker?

Add your Package Butler ID (PBID) number to the apartment or suite number on your shipping address, or work with the sender to ensure the PBID is included in the notes section of the shipping label. The carrier will input this ID to securely deliver and store your package, then you’ll receive an instant pickup notifification from the Package Butler mobile app.

What size packages can fit in a Package Butler locker?

Package Butler lockers have small, medium and large compartment sizes. These compartments can accommodate the majority of daily packages. Below are the locker dimensions, by size:

Small: 4” H x 13” W x 22” D
Medium: 7” H x 13” W x 22” D
Large: 14” H x 13” W x 22” D

How do I pick up my package from a Package Butler locker?

To pick up your package, use either the scanner (the red light below the keypad) to scan the package’s shipping barcode from the mobile app or you can manually input your 8-digit Package Butler ID (PBID).

What should I do if I scan my code for pickup and the locker does not open?

If you’ve tried scanning the package barcode on the mobile app and manually entering your 8-digit PBID and the locker still doesn’t open, please email us at or call us at (866) 987-0795 for prompt assistance.

My package should have arrived by now. Why hasn’t it been delivered yet?

First, make sure that the sender has provided your 8-digit Package Butler ID (PBID) in the notes section of the shipping label. Then use the package’s tracking number to check the status and location of your package to see if it’s still en route.

Can a friend or relative collect my package for me?

If you’d like a friend or relative to collect your package for you, just give them your 8-digit Package Butler ID. Using the PBID, they will be able to collect the package in your name.

How do I leave feedback about my experience with Package Butler?

Email us anytime at with your name and details, or call our help Project: Package Butler Website: Support Prepared for: Package Butler Prepared by: Hannah Kneeland desk at (866) 987-0795.


What do I do if I need maintenance services for my Package Butler Homelocker or MultiLocker?

If you need maintenance services for your Package Butler locker, please call the 24/7 maintenance phone line at (866) 987-0795 for immediate assistance, or fill out the maintenance request form below.

Mobile App

Is the Package Butler mobile app available for IOS/Apple and Android?

Yes, the app is available for both IOS/Apple and Android operating systems. Download it for free in the App store or on Google Play.

How do I edit my shipping address?

You can edit your shipping address anytime in the Package Butler mobile app. Locate the “My Profile” tab in the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the screen. Here, you can edit your home address, phone number and email.

Will my package history be deleted if I change my account’s phone number?

Project: Package Butler Website: Support Prepared for: Package Butler Prepared by: Hannah Kneeland No, your package history will not be deleted if you change your account phone number. Your package delivery history is attached to your unique 8-digit PBID and not your phone number, so you can update your phone number without worrying about losing your account history.

How long will my package history be stored in the app?

Package Butler stores your package delivery history for 30 days.


What is included in my subscription?

Your Package Butler subscription includes ongoing access to your HomeLocker, including use of the app, security services, and locker maintenance.

Is there a trial or another way to try the Package Butler service without committing to a subscription?

Yes, when purchasing a HomeLocker you will be eligible for a trial period. For MultiLockers, you can pay a one-time-use fee by downloading the mobile app and creating a free account.

Is there a limit to how many packages I can send or receive per month with my subscription?

Nope – ship away!

Need more help?

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