Home Locker

Your personal package pick-up and drop-off solution

Imagine a home locker system that protects your packages from porch thieves, but all the elements as well? Our parcel lockers are designed to withstand the heat, the rain, the snow, the sun, and even pesky package thieves.

What are parcel lockers? We’ve designed a unique package delivery lockbox system that lets you receive parcels without your presence. How’s that even possible? Package Butler Services’ Home Locker is a special locking system that consumers can place on their front lawn or porch. Anytime a parcel, letter, or package is delivered, the delivery person will scan a special barcode on the locker and then place the package inside the device. This immediately secures your package from package thieves.

If you’re worried about your parcel getting soaked in the rain/snow or damaged from the sun, then our lockers for packages are the ideal weather protection solution.

No schedules, no lines, no hassle. Just every package delivered

No Pre-Scheduling, No Hassles

With our Home Lockers, you no longer have to schedule a special delivery time slot or travel to a different collection site to pick up your parcel. Simply instruct the vendor about how you want to receive your package. Provide your Package Butler ID code and continue with your normal routine. As soon as your package is delivered and placed inside the home locker, you will receive an alert on your mobile phone.

Durable and Secure

Package Butler’s smart locker is built using, double-reinforced, powder-coated, steel. It also has a built-in 24/7 cloud-based surveillance system to track your parcel’s security. Its mere appearance is a deterrent for package thieves.


We’ve designed multi-sized lockers for packages so that you can receive parcels of any size. No special drop-off instructions or pick-up from authorized locations required! Our home locker device will accept deliveries from all couriers.

Advanced System

Our home lockers are intelligent. They’ve got a built-in infrared scanner to detect your parcel inside the locker. There’s also a camera that can record any package thieves who might tamper with your locker. The video can be easily accessed through flash memory. The bar code feature enables the delivery executive to quickly scan and deliver your package. You can conveniently manage all your parcel deliveries from your Package Butler mobile app.


    How It Works: Install. Subscribe. Ship.

    The Package Butler HomeLocker works in combination with the Package Butler mobile app to solve your pick-up and shipping headaches. Once you’ve used the app to set up your account and installed the HomeLocker in your yard or on your porch, you can locate your unique 8-digit Package Butler ID (PBID) and get to shipping.

    1. Install the Package Butler mobile app → Download app download instructions
    2. Install and activate your Package Butler locker
    3. Order your package, placing your PBID in the notes section of the order
    4. Track your package to stay up-to-date on arrival time
    5. Retrieve your package right on your front steps by scanning the barcode on the app or by manually entering the unique one-time package passcode

    Security, meet style

    Protect your packages and letters with Package Butler’sparcel lockers system. Now you can avoid becoming the nextpackage theft statistic. Our expert design team will build a smart locker that suits your needs and requirements. We will install the package locker on your porch or lawn. You simply have to download the app. Start shopping online as you normally would and receive your parcels at home without making alternate delivery plans or changing your routine. Our parcel lockers are designed to keep thieves, animals, and even the weather, out!

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