Smart communities want smart deliveries

Our multi-locker package mailbox is ideal for commercial use. You may place our smart lockers inside business establishments, apartment complexes, gated communities, college dorms, etc. Package Butler smart lockers offer a secure, hassle-free, and simplified way to manage regular package deliveries.

With this smart delivery solution, there’s no more sorting, no mailroom, and no more hassle!

No sorting, no keys, no hassle. Just every package delivered.

Package Butler MultiLockers provide residents of your building or community with a seamless experience for securely shipping and receiving packages from any courier. You provide the unit, they subscribe to the service. No mailroom? No problem!


  • Put a stop to package theft with electric locking systems and high-quality surveillance cameras monitoring your unit 24/7
  • Customers and residents use a one-time unique code to retrieve their package


  • Built for indoor or outdoor installation
  • Any vendor, any courier, all the most common package sizes
  • Customize with laundry and refrigeration compartments


  • Pick-ups and drop-offs at any time, day or night
  • Customers receive phone alerts when their packages arrive

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Finally – a package experience your tenants can count on

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