Mobile Application

Is the app available for IOS/Apple and Android?

Yes, the app is available for both IOS/Apple and Android operating systems.

How do I edit my shipping address?

Find “My Profile” in the navigation bar located on the left-hand side of the screen. In the “My Profile” section you can edit your home address, phone number and email.

Will my package history be deleted if I change my account’s phone number?

No, it will not be deleted. Your package delivery history is attached to your unique PB ID and not your phone number, therefore even if you change your account’s phone number your package delivery history will not be deleted.

How long will you keep my package history?

We keep your package delivery history for 30 days.


Can carriers use my Package Butler ID to deliver my package?

Yes they can. Please make sure that the sender has provided your Package Butler ID in the remarks section of the shipping label so the carrier can use it to open the locker for delivery. After the package is delivered and stored in the locker you will immediately receive a pickup notification.

How big are the Package Butler Plus Lockers’ compartments?

Our lockers have a small, medium and large compartment size. Below are the dimensions of the these three sizes in inches:
Small 4 h x 13 w x 22 d
Medium 7 h x 13 w x 22 d
Large 14 h x 13 w x 22 d.

How do I pick up a package from a Package Butler Plus Locker?

You can either use the scanner (the red light below the keypad) to scan the package’s shipping bar code or input the 8-digit access code manually.

What if I scan my package and the locker does not open?

If you’ve tried reentering your access code and the locker still doesn’t open, please email us at or call us at (833) 247-7547 (PKGS).

Why haven’t my packages been delivered yet?

Check to make sure that the sender has provided your Package Butler ID in the remarks section of the shipping label.
Use the package’s tracking number to track the status and location of your package and make sure it has been delivered to a Package Butler Plus locker.

Can a friend or relative collect my package for me?

If you want a friend or relative to collect your package for you, you must give them your access code. If they have your access code they will be able to collect the package in your name.

Can I send packages from a Package Butler Plus Locker?

The shipping function will be ready to use soon.

How do I issue a complaint?

Please email us at and briefly describe the situation, or call our help desk at (866) 987-0795.