June 19, 2020

The coronavirus has almost put an end to our shopping trips to malls at least for the time being. In the background of restrictions on physical shops, online marketplaces are growing in popularity.

The growth of online marketplaces means a corresponding increase in home deliveries. Home delivery means that someone needs to be at home to receive the package.

It is not always possible for a customer to be present at his home when his package arrives. In case the owner is not at home the packages are left at the door.

But does a package left at the door reach its rightful owner? Sometimes not. Many people have gone through experiences where the package reaches the porch but doesn`t reach the owner or reaches the owner in a damaged condition. It's a disturbing situation, to say the least.

Can you prevent this from happening? Yes, you can. A secure solution is available in the form of package lockers. Read on as we introduce you to package lockers and discuss its various aspects.


Table of contents:

  • The Package Butler advantage
  • What is a Package Locker?
  • How Does it Work?
  • Why use a Package Locker?
  • Variants of Package Lockers.



The Package Butler Advantage

Package Butler is a trusted name that provides Homelockers with advanced technology to securely hold your parcel till you retrieve it. A one time purchase of their modern HomeLocker ensures lifetime security of your packages.

Their strong HomeLockers are inspired by classic industrial mailbox design. The stylish looking HomeLockers have clear signs on them which makes it easy for couriers to locate them.


What is a package locker?

The HomeLocker offered by Package Butler is a sturdy unit built to accommodate packages of various dimensions. The HomeLocker is equipped with an electric locking system and 24/7 video surveillance which leaves no scope for tampering by thieves.

Their sophisticated Home Locker works in combination with the Package Butler mobile app to provide real-time information to the user regarding his packages.


How Does it Work?

The user of HomeLocker has to download the Package Butler mobile app on his phone. Then he has to follow the instructions mentioned in the app and open his account.

The user has to install and follow the instructions to activate his Package Butler locker.

The Package Butler HomeLocker user is given a unique 8 digit Package Butler ID which helps him to track his package.

While placing an order the user has to mention the Package Butler ID in the notes section of the order. This enables the user to track his package using his mobile app.

Once the package arrives in the HomeLocker, the system sends alerts to the user's mobile app informing him about the arrival of the package.

The owner can retrieve his package either by scanning the barcode on the app or by manually entering the one-time package passcode.

Why Use a Package Locker?

As we all know home deliveries are not high precision activities. There is always a scope for delay and postponement. And a package left at the doorstep of an empty home is an open invitation to thieves.


At times truant weather also ruins packages lying outdoors. Some animals may decide to open the package before the owner could pick it up. All this leads to damaged packages and much heartburn.

Losing an eagerly awaited consignment can be an unpleasant experience not to mention financial loss. Mailboxes are not suitable for large packages.

Using a package locker with up to date technology insures you against the risk of losing your package. It also means that you don`t have to rush home worrying about your package getting spoilt.

The package locker also enables the vendor to make delivery at any time of the day or night. The package remains safe in the package locker till the arrival of the rightful owner.

The video surveillance facility on the Homelocker means that all activity around the package can be monitored by the user from his phone.


Variants of Home Locker

The Multi-Locker by Package Butler is a much-needed unit suitable for use in a community setting like apartments, schools, clubs etc.

The Multilocker unit is capable of being customized with laundry and refrigeration compartments which means that it is capable of holding clothes and food requiring cold storage.

This unit is built to cater to the needs of many individuals simultaneously and hold different types of packages. The users have to subscribe to the service to gain access to the Multi-locker. The MultiLocker saves space by eliminating the need for a separate mailroom.

The unit has separate compartments that prevent the packages from getting mixed up. The vendor can place each user's package in the individual compartment subscribed by them. This saves the time spent in sorting the packages.

The customers receive alerts on their phones on the arrival of their packages and they can retrieve it anytime using a one time code. They don`t have to wait for the packages to get sorted before claiming them.



Having realized the importance of package lockers hope you will quickly purchase one from Package Butler. This is definitely a purchase necessary to secure all your future purchases.