October 06, 2020

In a scenario of the growing pandemic, more and more people are buying things online. Covid-19 lockdowns have compelled customers to opt for package deliveries at home. While this has resulted in increased sales for e-commerce retailers, it has also led to a rise in package thefts. In the last three months, one in five Americans reported about their stolen packages. This kind of stealing has become so common that the package thieves are called ‘porch pirates’ nowadays. To resolve this problem, some of the retailers have come up with efficient ways to protect your package.

A plain package mailbox will do little to protect your stuff. So, it is advisable to go for package lockers, parcel lockers, or smart mailboxes.

A parcel locker is like a big mailbox that is shared among residents of an apartment. These can be opened by the key provided by the mail carrier in your specific mailbox. But such lockers are only meant for large packages that can’t fit your individual mailbox or drop box. Another option is to choose the retailer-designed methods of safety. For instance, the largest online retailer Amazon offers the provision of smart lockers for its prime members. Customers can pick their package from amazon smart lockers placed at nearby locations.

The best of all choices is the use of smart mailbox. Smart mailbox is devised with technological innovations like sensors, live cameras, wi-fi connectivity, etc. They serve as your personal package lockbox and lend all sorts of convenience for safe delivery. Besides, most of these mailboxes are weather-resistant and avert damage to the parcel. Here are the top three smart mailboxes to prevent package theft:

Top Smart Mailboxes of 2020:

1. Package Butler

If you are seriously looking for a remarkable package locker system, Package Butler should be your first choice. At Package Butler, we have specially designed lockers for packages, both big and small, that allow you to send and receive your packages in a secured manner. Our package mailboxes have absolutely revolutionized online shopping; the smart package lock boxes come with a secure locking system coupled with video surveillance, making them utmost reliable. Home owners can trust us and choose a product from our wide range available. Just get in touch with us; we will help you select the right one for your home or apartment complex.

2.   Danby Parcel Guard 

One of the popular anti-theft mailboxes, Danby Parcel Guard is operated by an Android or iOS app of the same name. Measuring 12" x 19" x 39", the box is equipped with a live stream camera, tamper alarm, and a backup battery. With Parcel Guard app, you can track your orders, lock or unlock the box as well as keep an eye on it. The best thing about it is that you can control it from any location. Further, this smart box may be secured to the ground by any means. Danby Parcel Guard appears a bit expensive but is highly recommended if you frequently receive high-cost packages.

3.   CleverMade Parcel LockBox

Built with durable steel, CleverMade Parcel Lockbox makes use of a unique code for your package safety. You can set the access code on its digital pad and share the code with the designated delivery person. In case the code gets known to a wrong person, you can always reset it. The dimensions of this lockbox are approximately 18" x 18" x 22". This smart mailbox comes with anchoring system tools, a set of keys, and replaceable batteries. CleverMade Parcel Lockbox is great for small packages and is quite economical.

4.   Porch Pod 2.0

Porch Pod 2.0 is meant for holding large packages. Made up of UV-protected strong plastic, it stands at a height of 20", a width of 33", and a depth of 18". Porch Pod deploys bar-code scanning technology that is used by most delivery companies. You can charge this mailbox with a power supply akin to your phone charger’s one. To ensure more safety, the box is furnished with a false bottom area that can be filled with rocks, sand, or other kinds of weights. In addition, this mailbox extends optional features like HD camera, UV lamp, rechargeable battery, and alterable covers.

Alternative for Smart Mailbox:

Apart from the above-listed choices, the other option is to transform your simple mailbox into a smart lockbox. If you already have a tough long-lasting mailbox, it’s a good idea to get a smart lock for it. BoxLock is one such preferred smart lock with a good padlock design. It can be tackled with a mobile app of the same name. BoxLock app lets you track packages from most of the delivery providers. The delivery personnel would have to scan the tracking number on the parcel to unlock the box, and at the same time, you will receive app notification for the permission to unlock. Also, you can share the required access or bar code with your family, friends, or neighbors. This lock is very affordable and works on rechargeable batteries.

You can buy any one of the given smart mailboxes or smart lock according to your budget and package requirements. But before you install it at home, make sure that it is approved by your area-specific postal or delivery service.

Undoubtedly, it is wise to select contactless delivery and online payment options to fight against the pandemic. But at the same time, it makes your packages exposed to thievery. So, it is essential to pick smarter ways to avoid theft.