June 19, 2020

There is currently an international outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic in the entire world. As a result, countries have developed several measures to manage this deadly pandemic. These measures include lockdown and maintenance of the social distance. Coronavirus is a very deadly disease that is highly contagious as well. Although everyone is vulnerable to this pandemic, the elderly population and other people with reduced immunity are the ones at high risk of conducting the disease.

Coronavirus vaccine is yet to be which has led different governments to develop effective measures of controlling and mitigating the spread of the disease. At this time, social distancing is an internationally recognized mitigation measure of controlling coronavirus pandemic. However, social distancing has its limitations as well.

This corona mitigation strategy hinders people the opportunity to gather in public places such as hospitals and malls except during the case of emergencies. Since people have no opportunity to move out of their homes, online package deliveries are commonly used. Since most people are trying as much as possible to avoid crowded places like supermarkets, online shopping is becoming their best option.

Due to a high surge in the online deliveries, and the social distancing measures, delivery people are more burdened since they have to ensure that their health is not at risk as well as their client’s health while performing their daily duties. 

Packages and produce at high demand during this season 

During this coronavirus season, people are preferring to buy most of their products online from e-commerce websites and online shops. Some of the common products at high demand include tech and office products, loungewear, sewing machines, fitness equipment, Household essentials, entertainment equipment, and fitness equipment. Common household items on high demand in online shops include toilet papers, hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes and spray, and paper towels. Toilet paper is now an essential commodity that everyone must-have. Since no one wants to run out of this commonly used commodity at any second there is a gradual reduction of toilet paper supply in local shops. Customers have no choice other than buying from online shops and using online delivery services. It is also obvious that hand sanitizer supply is reducing gradually. However, one can buy this essential product at online retailers and use delivery services to deliver at their products at their office or home.  It is advisable to order hand sanitizers with more than 60% alcohol since they are the best in handling germs. Keeping home clean is as god as keeping your hands clean. People are now rushing to buy disinfectants and wipes to keep the home environment away from germs. Today people are also looking for other ways of entertaining themselves while social distancing. As a result, entertainment equipment such as puzzles is at a very demand now. Since many local shops have run out of the people are now turning to online shopping sites.

Challenges of contactless Delivery

Since most people are in quarantine and isolation to protect themselves from conducting coronavirus, there is a rapid change in our lifestyles and a high atmosphere of uncertainty. Contactless delivery is now being encouraged by the government and other authorities to reduce the spread of coronavirus pandemic. Everyone now wants their products delivered at their doorstep without encountering any personal contact. Delivery people also want to reduce physical contact with people in the delivery process and their customers as well. Although contactless delivery is the best strategy of delivering online goods at the moment, it also presents a lot of challenges to the service providers and the customers as well. One of the most common challenges is the fact that most service delivery stuff has gone into self-isolation hence causing disruptions in the delivery service. As a result, some online shops may also experience delays in delivering the packages. There is also a high risk of theft and delivery of damaged packages during this challenging period. However, one has to put important measures to ensure the safe delivery of online ordered packages. 

Products for safe deliveries of packages 

There are several security measures that you can put in place to reduce to ensure product safety. This includes installing security cameras, using a smart doorbell, picking the package in person, networking with the neighbor, and finally using a package locker. Package locker is recommended among all these options because it is a convenient, flexible, and secure way of receiving and sending packages. It also ensures that packages are delivered safely without any hustle or struggle. It also enables one to stay up to date with the package arrival alerts, and prevent package theft using an electric locking system and 24-hour video surveillance. Package Butler Homelocker is one of the recommended package lockers because to works hand in hand with the Package Butler mobile up to ensure a high level of product safety.